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  1. Sophia says:

    Was Googling around and stumbled upon your website! Love, love, love it! I will be adding it to my favorite blogs reader list!

  2. Yvonne Chu says:

    Hey Janice, Just got your Organizing E-newsletter, look forward to every one of them. Haven’t seen or talked to you in while. Hope all is well. Love your blog!– Yvonne

  3. Pat Degen says:

    Love your site Janice, thank you for coming to my office and getting me started!
    I look forward to your next visit. I did speak to my husband about trying just one closet with you. Still working on it.


  4. Lorraine says:

    Love your website – blog. Today’s entry is close to my heart. I know this as PIES – Physical – Intellectual – Emotional – Spiritual. I try to practice every day, but with the busy schedule of a high school teacher, I often times do not practice what I preach.

  5. Revecca says:

    Happy New 2011 Year Janice!! Your fellow Okie @ Anderson!

  6. Janice-Love your blog! Found it through your Twitter bio. Great information, and your writing style is delightful. I have you tagged in my blog list to follow.

    Noticed your link to Love this! I’m an aunt to two rough and tumble boys, and I am so happy to have found this website.

    Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and your business!

    -Megan McGlynn, VP KC Streamline Concepts

  7. Angie Sieving says:

    I am not much of a blog-enthusiast but I loved this one!! Thank you so much for sharing ! :)

  8. Lisa Tragert says:

    I love your website! What an inspiration! I’m starting my own organizing biz in Maryland
    and getting ideas for my own website. A Clinical Social Worker by day, I want to help clients gain insight, change behaviors, and reach their goals at night through home organizing. Thank you !

  9. Warren Holleman says:

    This is a great blog: practical, funny, and . . . of course, well-organized.

  10. Sheri Wise says:

    Loved your development sessions at the Bastrop Campus today. You really brought things to the table that made me want to tackle our “Junk Room” at home. The room that gets it all.
    We can all use a little less clutter up our lives. I love the “Hoarders” show. Really makes you think, Wow.
    You have a great year!

  11. Ella says:

    Wow! I can’t say more than others have – I love it! Very creative and you have definitely put a lot of thought into this and I think it’s great! Oh BTW, I do love the colors in your hallway and bedroom – good choice. Way to go Girl!

  12. Marilyn Callahan-Powell says:

    Hi Janice,

    Keep the very helpful tips coming! I am in the process of what I call ” editing down” which means getting rid of the excess stuff.

  13. Georgia Thomas says:

    Hi, Janice. Keep those tips coming! I’m trying to throw stuff away rather than buying all those neat-looking plastic containers to just accumulate more stuff. I’m happy to have finally looked at your website, I’ll keep coming back.

  14. Menda says:

    Hi Janice,
    I like your clutter princess website!

  15. Roz Howland says:

    Hi Janice,

    I Love this Blog. Thank you. So much great stuff on here.

  16. Carol says:

    Hey Janice, LOVE your website! What a great service! I have been thinking about attachment to stuff and hoarding as points on the spectrum of anxiety disorders, hoarding being an extreme. Fearlessness is exactly what we need to pare down stuff. The fact is, we all have anxiety and have developed a pallette of thoughts and behaviors to cope with it. If the accummulation of stuff is among one’s behaviors, it is essential to clear it out of the way in order to deal with the underlying anxiety and core issues. So your work is so very much about healing. Thanks for all you do!
    peace and love ~ carol

  17. Robin says:

    Hi, Janice! I’ve added your blog to my RSS Feedreader. This is great!

  18. Beverly Sheets says:

    very nice

  19. Kevin Reaver says:

    I had a few free minutes at work & decided to check out what you’ve been doing. Very Nice Cuz! I think it’s the right mix of Work & Fun, and I gotta say … The Cute Factor is off the scale! :-)

  20. Allison says:

    I love it Janice!! Your posts are fun and spot on….What a CUTE website!! Love it, love it, love it!

  21. Mama Doreck says:

    Enjoyed the Web site and even learned a few things……You’re going to be famous one of these days……SO smart!
    Come see us sometime……..for lunch…..dinner or just drop by when you’re in Galveston!! (Don’t tell me you don’t ever get down here)
    Mama Doreck

  22. Kimberly says:

    This is seriously the coolest Web site EVER. I fully expect to see your next interview posted on CNN. And yes, you are expected to plug us. :)

  23. Jim and Kim says:

    Janice! What a good idea. Thanks for all your support during this time you are one heck of a Sister-in-Law. We love ya!

  24. Barbara says:

    Great blog, Janice! I knew it was just a matter of time. I wish you continued success. I’ll be working on my “to do” list for this decade. Thanks for the idea!

  25. Erica says:

    Hey! Great blog =D I love it. Good job. I love you!

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