Please Feed and Water the Employees

| March 3, 2010

As I left work yesterday, one of the women from another department told me how she hadn’t eaten lunch (was too busy to eat) or drank any water (was too busy to drink from the bottle on her desk). She wasn’t complaining, just making a statement of fact. I know I furrowed my brow and […]

Can You Catch Your Goal?

| February 14, 2010

The other day I worked with a client who wanted to set new goals for work. We brainstormed several ways he could explore and discover what kind of projects would interest him.  Talk about goals always leads to talk about vision. Without that vision thing, goals have little depth. My client told me that he learned […]

Eating a Whole Chocolate Cake

| January 26, 2010

When faced with a daunting project, it’s easy to decide to do something else. Anything else. When I bought my house last fall, I knew it needed some updating. Nothing had been updated since it was built in 1964. The good thing is that anything I do is an improvement! As I wrote my house […]

Get Ready for the A.M. in the P.M.

| January 19, 2010

I don’t know what it is, but I seem to move slower in the mornings than I do in the evenings. I’m always comforted by the fact that I’m not alone. The best way to prep for the morning is to do it the night before. What can you do to prepare for the next […]

Fearless Tossing

| June 12, 2009

As I deleted thousands of e-mails from a client’s inbox, she stood behind me, directing which ones were good to go. She said, “Why can’t I do this without you? You make me less afraid of deleting e-mails.” I’ve come across this with many of my organizing clients. When organizing by themselves, they’re more afraid […]

Can You Really Multi-Task?

| June 9, 2009

Know the saying that someone can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? It’s actually true. Research shows that productivity decreases 20% to 40% every time you “task switch,” i.e. multi-task.  Each time you struggle to do several things at once, it’s no wonder you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Ironically, most job postings […]