How to Get Away with Order

Posted By on September 21, 2015

Colorful paper clips isolated in white

Imagine having a boss like Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder. You have to stay on your toes, get things done, and show off your mad skills.

In real life, bosses want results and how your desk looks matters. A 2011 Career Builder study revealed managers are less likely to promote someone who has a messy desk.

The goal is to make your office space look neater and more organized. When you look organized, people assume you are.

Clear the decks. Remove all papers and sticky notes that are taped to your computer, wall, desk and other surfaces.

Stay within the lines. If the stuff tacked to your bulletin board are spilling over the frame, it’s time to straighten up your papers, remove the stuff you don’t need, and make sure your papers are within the lines of the board.

Straighten the stacks. The goal would be to limit the amount of stacks living permanently on your desk, but if you still have some, straighten them up to make them look neater. I did this with one of my work clients during our initial visit (we did toss a bunch of things too), and her office mates kept complimenting her on her organized space.

Aligned colorful paperclips isolated in white

Have a to-do list and use your calendar. Use one notepad or an app to

keep your to-do list in one space. As tasks come in, add them to your list. Put deadlines and appointments on your calendar and set reminders so you can get there on time.

With these tips, you can dazzle your boss and co-workers and get a few things done.



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