Organizing @ Home: Make Cash from Your Clutter with Decluttr

Posted By on July 11, 2014

It’s always nice when you can make some cash from your clutter.

With Decluttr, you can sell them your CDs, DVDs and games. I recently gave it a whirl.

I heard about the Decluttr app a couple of months ago and downloaded the app. While clearing out a spare room, I made an initial sort of my vast CD collection. I pulled up the app, created an account and scanned in the CDs I wanted to get rid of.

In turn, Decluttr gave me a price for the CDs and emailed me a label. I boxed up my stuff and shipped it to them for free. The company sent me several emails, notifying me when my box arrived, when it was processed and when the check was issued. In about three weeks, I received my check in the mail. For 50 CDs, I received $30.

If you were looking to make piles of cash for your old CDs, you will need to use other venues. Most of the CDs were 50 cents, but others, such as a couple I had of classical music, drew a price closer to $3. I haven’t used it yet for DVDs, and I don’t have videogames so I don’t know how those prices run.

I had three CDs that I was unable to scan or enter the barcodes, and I wonder if those are from the old music club days since the barcode numbers were similar. Those just went into the donation box.

I’ll definitely use Decluttr again.



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  1. Ellen Delap says:

    It’s good to know this is a reliable way to make a little cash. No matter the financial gain, it’s a win for space you will earn back!