Organizing @ Work: Do You Know Where Your To-Do List Is?

Posted By on June 15, 2014

As a professional organizer, I’ve seen a variety to-do lists.

There has been the multiple notepad system, the task list function on email, the nest of numerous sticky notes, the list lost somewhere in a stack on their desk, and my personal favorite – their memory.

First, it’s good to have some sort of to-do list or action list. You need to know what you want to get done. In the workplace, it’s incredibly important to get things done since you need to meet the expectations of your supervisors.

Although we can upgrade the software on our phones and computers, our brains cannot be upgraded. What we have is what we have, and it’s not the best organizing tool. You want to think WSD – Write Stuff Down. Some productivity bloggers use a different word for “Stuff” but you use what you will remember.

When it comes to your action list, you can use paper or digital tools.

Paper. Use ONE legal pad, steno pad or spiral notebook to manage your action list. Having several pads or notebooks lying around only causes confusion, and it helps to devote one page to one topic.

In these short videos, productivity author Jason Womack shows how he uses notebooks in a unique way to capture his ideas and to-do’s. The front of the notebook is for writing and drawing out ideas and notes. When he needs to add something to his to-do list, he flips to the back of the journal and adds it there.

Digital. On the digital front, there are many more options although many of them work in a similar format. Use the Notes feature on your phone to capture your to-do list. Make sure it is backed up on Settings.

Many to-do apps are available, including Trello, Wunderlist, Any.Do, Toodle-Do, and Remember the Milk to name a few. My advice is to play with one or two and see which one works the best for you and the way you think and work.

Most to-do apps on the market for action lists are cloud-based, and access is available through a smartphone, tablet, and the web – basically anywhere you are. Use your phone to update your action list, and the change will be reflected on the web version.

Whether you use paper or an app, having your to-do’s in one place will help your daily productivity at work.




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