Let’s Get Some PEP

Posted By on March 17, 2014

My friend Lisa Boesen has always been a bubbly, perky person who sees the optimistic side of everything, and that’s one of the many reasons I love being her friend.

Back in 2009, Lisa and I found ourselves in a new club together. I lost my birthfather Mike, and she lost both of her parents within weeks of each other. Our lunches at the time were like a form of group therapy.

Lisa had to handle her parents’ estate, and all she had to go on was some mail, a partial list on a legal pad and a pouch with some account information in it. That was it. She equates the search of her parents’ home and records as a “treasure hunt.” It was a long, exhausting process, which can wear on the perkiest of people.

Out of adversity, Lisa found a way to turn the lessons she learned into a positive. She created a blog called The Domestic Administrator where she shares what she’s learned about organizing and managing your home and life. Since she is an excellent cook, she also shares her favorite recipes.

Because of her experience, Lisa decided she needed to create a notebook for her, her husband and stepsons to use in case of emergency. She calls this PEP – Personal Emergency Planning. To help other people with their own PEP planning, Lisa created her Home Management Portfolio, a 54-page workbook where people can write down all of their information to keep in one place for their family members.

Lisa keeps her portfolio as a paper version in a binder. I’ve opted for the digital version of her portfolio.

So why is it important to have your own PEP? I’ll be honest. I know it can be a little weird talking about having stuff prepared in case something happens to you, but it’s one of those grown-up things we need to deal with. Anything can happen to us, our loved ones or our property, and it’s important for your family and friends to have the information they need to help you. Just imagine being in the hospital and needing someone to make sure your bills are paid.

Some of the information captured in the portfolio includes:

  • Utility account information
  • Banking and financial information
  • Auto, home, health and life insurance
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Key locations

So it’s time for us to get a little peppy. Being a grown-up? That’s still optional.



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