My Three Words for 2014

Posted By on December 31, 2013

When I first stumbled across Chris Brogan’s posts about using three words to set your intentions for the New Year, I thought it was brilliant.

Instead of writing down a bunch of resolutions, using a word or two or three helps you make decisions about the actions you take. It’s easier to let go and move on when you have a firm boundary.

I also like creating vision boards to help set intentions too. This year, I created a Pinterest board as a digital vision board for 2014.

So without further ado, here are my three words for 2014.

Nourish. This is a big one for me, and it really covers a great deal of ground.  In the coming year, I want all of my actions to nourish my heart, my soul, my relationships, my career, my time and my life.

Like I said, this includes a multitude of things. Basically in 2014, any decisions and actions I take must nourish me in some way. Using the word “nourish” will help me prioritize my choices and boundaries about my health, fitness, self-care and stress management.

Creativity. When it comes to creativity,  I want to do it, follow it, go with it, pursue it, celebrate it, revel in it, embrace it, write it, read it, paint it, love it and respect it.

Gumption.  To me, gumption is similar to fearlessness, momentum, courage, drive, motivation and the simple “get it done.” We all need gumption to get moving. Yes, we may fail, but as Tom Peter said several years ago, “I would have rather a spectacular failure instead of a mediocre success.”

Happy New Year! Let’s be unstoppable and awesome in 2014.



3 Responses to “My Three Words for 2014”

  1. sandi says:

    Oh my gosh Janice, “The Clutter Princess”, what an awesome blog name!

  2. My three words: Follow-through, Manchu, Sing.
    On my way now to check out your Pinterest vision board — and to get ideas so I can create my own! How fun! :)
    I mentioned & linked back to you in my own post on this topic:

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