How Spanx Teaches You About Productivity

Posted By on May 16, 2013

I believe in Spanx. As a curvy chick, I appreciate how Spanx smooths out those little bulges and lines to make my outfits sing.

I consider Spanx to be in the Top 10 of all-time greatest inventions that make my life easier. It’s up there with chocolate croissants (combines my two favorite food groups: bread AND chocolate!), the iPad and Prozac.

At the beginning of May, I found myself in Little Rock to speak to the doctors and staff at the University of Arkansas Medical School. I wanted to wear my new green dress, the one that makes me feel like I’m channeling Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. To make sure everything looked good, I wore my Spanx.

While doing my hair, I checked the back of it with a hand mirror and saw one of the side effects of Spanx and physics – the muffin top spillage. My back flab was pushed up so I had back boobs, and so throughout the day, I had to make sure my undergarment was pulled up to my armpits so my flab was tucked in.

During my first productivity presentation, I shared this quote from Cindy Glovinsky, who wrote “Making Peace with the Things in Your Life”:  “Any given container can hold only a volume of things equal to its own volume – without something spilling over, that is.”

In the context I was using it, I was talking about our brains and our work loads. We can only take on so much before the dam breaks and things spill over. I almost laughed out loud when I thought to myself how Spanx and productivity work the same.

Only so much flab can go into a compression garment, and only so much stuff can go on your to-do list before suddenly you have a muffin top oozing out or brain cells exploding.

This situation reminded me how we need to look at our vessels and make sure we’re doing what we need and want to do, retaining what we want to retain and squishing in the flab we want to squish in.



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