Dealing with your stuff

Posted By on July 23, 2012

At work, I went to our kitchen clutching my ceramic cup and an English Breakfast Tea K-cup. Before I could put in my tea, I had to remove the previous user’s K-cup that someone left behind and toss it in the trash.

While I was waiting for my tea to brew, I noticed the microwave was blinking 44 seconds because someone didn’t clear the remaining time after heating up their breakfast. With a sigh, I hit the clear button, muttering about people who don’t deal with their stuff.

After I finished brewing my tea and tossing my used K-cup in the trash, I went back to my office and saw my gym bag sitting on the floor by my desk – the same spot it had occupied for almost two months. Oh, hell. I had wanted to start working out at the gym at work and brought my workout clothes, but I had not gone.

I realized I needed to deal with my own stuff, and in that moment, I saw how ridiculous I was and made a decision. At 4 p.m. that day, I changed into my gym clothes, went downstairs to the gym and got an exercise bike for the first time in over a year. I started out with 20 minutes. It felt good. I felt like I had accomplished something. By making a decision and taking that first step, I dealt with my own stuff.



One Response to “Dealing with your stuff”

  1. Ellen Delap says:

    Making a decision and initiating! Wow! These are the hard things for people but just 20 minutes and already you made a difference. Rock on!