When Do You Hire Professional Help?

| February 13, 2012

My eyebrows were the first indication that I needed professional help. For several years, I had done the plucking thing with limited success… Then someone told me how they had their brows waxed in a salon. I tried it. I liked it. It simplified one aspect of my life.

When Do You Stop Working? That Includes Checking Email

| February 6, 2012

I spotted an interesting article in the Sunday paper about how the Brazilian court said employees answering emails after work hours are eligible for overtime… I tell clients all the time (and I practice it myself) to decide what time you stop working each day. Just because we can access work emails 24/7, it doesn’t mean we should.

Take A Day Off

| February 1, 2012

The buzz about Matthew Broderick’s Honda ad channeling his character Ferris Bueller made me giddy. After all, I am a child of the 80s… As an adult, I see the movie as a good reminder of how we all need to take a day off now and again…