Organizing Product Review: Pinterest

Posted By on September 7, 2011

After seeing a couple of Pinterest posts on Facebook by my friends, I decided to check out this new virtual pinboard site. I am officially hooked!

To sign up, ask for an invitation on the website or receive an invite from a friend on Pinterest. Once you join, download it onto your computer so the “pin it” button is on your Favorites bookmark list. You can also download the free apps for your smartphone and iPad.

What it is: Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, and you can create your own boards with your own topics. So far, I have boards on home renovation, organization (of course!), shiny object syndrome (sparkly things!), crafts, inspiring things, and funny things. If you’re surfing on the web and find something you like, go to Favorites and select “Pin it.” In the pop-up box, select the item you want to pin, assign to one of your boards, and write a description.

With Pinterest, you can follow the boards of other people, “repin” items you like on other people’s boards and put them on your board, and make comments. When you click on a photo on someone’s board, it will go to the original link if you want to check it out. The site is easy to use.

Why I like it: It’s a great way to organize your thoughts, things and projects you like. For the new ebook 100 Days to Christmas 2011 there are links for holiday crafts and recipes to Pinterest boards that author Jennifer Tankersley created for the book. I’ve seen people use for wedding and event planning and also to create gift-giving guides.

Another reason I like it is that it sparks my imagination and creativity. I love discovering new ideas and approaches, and I’ve stumbled across brilliant things.

Drawbacks: You may have to watch how much time you spend on the site. It could be addictive, not that I’m complaining.



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