Organizing Summer Camp: Living Room

Posted By on July 15, 2011

Even if you don't have a living room as gorgeous as this one (I know I don't), you can still keep it neat and organized.

Okay, Organizing Summer Campers, it’s time to tackle the clutter in the living room.

Living rooms are for living, and it’s no wonder they become magnets for all sorts of things. First of all, take a look around your living room and make sure every item still works for you. Do you have any unfinished projects in the living room? Do you like the way the room is laid out?

Here are some tips for the following:

Remotes. Corral remote controls in a basket or a box so you know where they are. No more searching for the remote in the depths of the couch cushions. Keep any instructions for the remote in the box for when guests are visiting.

Reading Materials. Books, magazines and newspaper can collect in the living room, and if this happens to you, make a sweep through the living room once at a week to put away books and toss magazines and newspapers into the recycling bin.

If you find yourself not reading magazines, newspapers or books, it’s time to cancel your subscriptions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients tell me how guilty they feel when they don’t have time to read their periodicals. Several magazines and newspapers are available online or via an iPad app – so there’s no paper clutter.

DVDs, CDs and Games. These can pile up quite easily. Sort through them and see what you really want to keep. Sell the ones you don’t want to a half-price book store or donate them. To spend less, try renting videos. If it’s a family favorite, then buy it.

Make sure any DVDs, CDs and games you do keep can be accessed easily without causing a mess. Game controls and related paraphernalia can be rounded up into baskets or entertain center drawers, depending on the furniture you have.

The DVR. Most cable services now have a DVR service, and even though you don’t see it, the DVR can gather up clutter. Go through the DVR recordings and delete the shows you are not going to watch or have watched. Cancel the recording settings you have on shows you never seem to watch. It’s okay.

Family Photos. I love my family photos, but since I have growing nieces and nephews, I periodically update the photos in my frames. If you have photos but no frames for them, buy frames so you can display them.

If you have a hard time choosing among your photos, buy a digital photo frame to display your family photos. One digital frame takes up less room than several photo frames, and you can easily delete or add photos.

Couch Cushions. You will be surprised by what you find in the couch. Take up the cushions, vacuum out any crumbs, and fluff up your cushions. Take a peek under the couch and see what’s rolled underneath. It’s easy for you to move your couch, move it so you can vacuum underneath it.

Project Space. Watching TV while folding laundry, sorting receipts or doing other chores is a good way to accomplish things you need to take care of. Make sure you have space to spread out your projects, but make sure to clean it up (or put the laundry away) when you’re finished.

If you pay your bills in the living room, have a portable box with things you may need, such as stamps, envelopes and your checkbook. If you pay your bills online, you won’t need immediate access to checks and stamps.

With just a few steps, you can whip your living room into an organizing space.



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