Organizing Product Review: Etsy

Posted By on May 25, 2011

"MOST Days Require Chocolate Art" print by The Dreamy Giraffe on Etsy

One of many creative treasures to be found on Etsy. "MOST Days Require Chocolate Art" print by The Dreamy Giraffe.

I usually reserve my product review for actual products, but this time, I’m talking about an entire website – Etsy. I discovered Etsy a couple of years ago through several friends, and it’s a great place to fine unique jewelry, artwork, clothings and vintage finds.

What it is: Etsy is a website where artists sell their work. All the items on the site are either handmade or vintage (meaning 20 years old). Many artists on the site are “upcycling” and reusing found items into new creations.

Why it’s awesome: I found some cute and fun prints for my house from Corid and The Dreamy Giraffe, fabric baskets from The Sewing Momma, and unique jewelry for myself and gifts. I also get ideas on how to adapt some things I already have. If you see something you like, mark the item or the whole shop as your favorite to find it later. The shop owners are very friendly and happy to answer questions.

Drawbacks: Like with any shopping site, you can go overboard and buy too much. There’s also Regretsy, a site devoted to all the lame items you can find on Etsy. This is avoidable. Just don’t buy lame things and make sure whatever you do buy, you want.



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