How Do You Know When You Have Too Much Crap?

| May 31, 2011

Last week, I enjoyed a Lifehacker post called “How to De-Crapify Your House” which offered some great tips on clearing clutter. But the article made me wonder one question. How do you know if you have too much crap to begin with? Here are some telltale signs that you do:

Organizing Product Review: Etsy

| May 25, 2011

I usually reserve my product review for actual products, but this time, I’m talking about an entire website – Etsy. I discovered Etsy a couple of years ago through several friends, and it’s a great place to fine unique jewelry, artwork, clothings and vintage finds.

Post Rapture Goal-Setting

| May 23, 2011

So you thought the world was ending and crossed the rest of 2011 off your calendar. After you finish knocking your head against the wall for believing a whackadoodle, it’s time to regroup and set new goals for yourself.

Good-bye, Uncle Cletus

| May 16, 2011

The world feels emptier today since one of my heroes and role models passed away this week. My Uncle Cletus lost his fight with lung cancer, but he won the war over the other adversity he faced in his life.

Do It Scared: Overcoming Fear and Procrastination

| May 13, 2011

I forgot the question, but I remember the answer. I heard it during the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Conference in Boston several years ago. During the Organizing Outside the Box panel, Donna Smallin, one of the panelists, told the crowd, “Do it scared.”

The Organized Auntie: Encourage Imperfection

| May 12, 2011

Perfectionism can cause stress in people of all ages. The solution is to embrace imperfection. Want to know how you can encourage your nieces and nephews to be imperfect? Check out my new post as The Organized Auntie on the Savvy Auntie.