Confessions of an Overpacker: Can She Travel With (Gasp) a Carry On?

Posted By on April 23, 2011

Like the state of Texas I live in, I believe bigger is better when it comes to packing for a trip.

Yes, I am a chronic overpacker. Yes, I have paid for overweight baggage. Yes, I like to pack extra clothes … just in case.

Then the airlines started adding fees for everything – seats with extra leg room, food, and yes, baggage.

I’ll admit that more of my trips lately have been car trips, and it’s easy to toss everything in the car and just go. You don’t want to worry about anyone weighing your luggage, giving you a look and ask if you want to take out anything.

Sigh. I remember when airline travel use to be fun.

The challenge of traveling light

I did it! Here's my carry-on suitcase and briefcase.

So for this recent trip to Louisville and NYC, I decided to try for the carry on. I finally was going the way of seasoned travelers who mythically travel WITHOUT checked baggage. I even voiced my intention on Twitter and received support from my Social Media friends.

I did laugh at the suggestion of rolling your clothes. Uh, how do you think I got so much freaking stuff in a suitcase? I am a roller from way back.

The biggest issue for me was the dreaded gel/liquids bag. I love my products. I’m over 40 so I require more gel and liquid products.

My quest to simplify

I made some hard choices. The travel size can of hairspray, lip gloss and the Flonase stayed in the liquid bag, but the hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and color extend shampoo had to be put aside. I knew my sister-in-law in Kentucky could hook me up with some lotion.

My other area of choices centered around shoes. I have the strappy sandals for the party I’m attending in NYC, and my wedge flip-flops for the rest of the trip – which fortunately is a casual affair.

Another thing I took into consideration while packing is that I can do laundry since I’m staying with family. That means I don’t have to bring three weeks of underwear with me for a one week trip. I don’t know why I do that, but I do.

I am road testing the Grid-It! by Cocoon Innovations to hold all of my technology do-dads in place in my tote bag. I will report on how that goes later.

I am letting the world know that Janice Simon has made history. She will not check luggage on this trip. But she does reserve the right to buy a cute pair of shoes in NYC.



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