Organizing Product Review: Noteshelf

Posted By on February 3, 2011

The iPad is great for taking notes to keep you organized, but some people don’t like typing on the iPad unless they have the blue tooth keyboard. One option is Noteshelf.

What it is: Noteshelf is an app for your iPad that allows you to handwrite notes. You can choose from blank paper, wide or narrow ruled paper, graph paper or the old school yellow notebook. To write, you can use your finger but it’s best to use a rubber-tipped stylus. I found mine at Best Buy for $19.99, and someone else told me that they’re available at Microcenter for $15.99.

Why it’s awesome: You can write on what looks like paper and create digital notebooks of your notes. The notes can be uploaded to Evernote and Dropbox as PDF’s or you can send it via e-mail to yourself or someone else. There is a handy wrist protector mode so your resting wrist doesn’t mark up the screen. My favorite feature is the zoom – which allows you to write big but your writing turns up smaller on the screen. This lets you save room and get more on the page.

Drawbacks: Yes, you can upload your Noteshelf notes to Evernote, Dropbox and e-mail as PDF’s, but there are some problems. For e-mail, you can only send five pages at a time. For Evernote and Dropbox, each page comes up as a separate PDF vs. being uploaded as one document. That’s annoying.



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