Be Productive: Take Care of Your Body

Posted By on January 21, 2011

This is the second in a five-part series on productivity and health

The plan has been to get to bed at a regular time since I know I need more sleep. After all, I surmised, I can DVR Conan, Jon Stewart or George Lopez if I HAD to watch them.

My plan for the new year went awry this past week as I fell dead asleep on the sofa – long past my 10 p.m. bedtime – a few nights. Then I wake up around 2 a.m. with the lights on, the TV blaring, and contacts still in. Oh, hell. Not exactly the good night’s sleep I need.

Exercise is one part of taking care of your physical health.

In his book “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working,” Tony Schwartz discusses the importance of getting enough sleep, water, exercise and healthy food. Yeah, it’s not new information, but more and more studies show that it all makes a difference in our quality of life and overall health. Sleep deprivation itself can lead to obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Physical health helps productivity

Tony talks about finding better balance through four quadrants – the Physical Quadrant being the first. Productivity isn’t all about how you handle your papers and action lists. It’s also how you’re treating your body. Without self-care, you can’t be truly productive.

Without taking care of your physical self, your sustainability and resiliency are lower.

I am trying to incorporate more healthy habits in my life so I can get my healthy body back. Right now, it’s being held hostage by a fat chick.

A friend of mine told me about the acronym HALT, and how you need to stop whatever you’re doing if you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. I like it.

Here are a few ways to improve your physical quadrant:

  • Drink plenty of water. Keep a reusable cup on your desk so you can sip water throughout the day.
  • Keep a regular bedtime. Yes, I know you’re a grown-up, but I’ve learned the hard way that we need to have bedtimes too.
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark for better sleeping.
  • Add more vegetables and fruit  to your diet per day.
  • Make sure you bring healthy snacks to work.
  • Go meatless at least one day a week.
  • Exercise several times a week. I know it’s hard but it’s important to work in time to exercise. Exercise routines should include cardio, strength training and stretching.
  • Plan your meals for the week. You may need to make weekly trips to the grocery store for perishable items. Meal planning does cut down on food waste.
  • Get help when you need it. I opted for a trainer at the gym since I needed the supervision more than money for shoes.

By making small but significant changes to your overall physical health, you will improve your productivity and your life overall. Now, let’s get physical.

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One Response to “Be Productive: Take Care of Your Body”

  1. Ellen Delap says:

    Remarkable how we have such a hard time comitting to a bedtime! Thanks for the reminder of why, and some ways to make a change for getting enough rest.