What’s for Dinner?

Posted By on November 10, 2009

How many times have you stood in the kitchen and wondered what to have for dinner? There is help out there.

Check out www.thescramble.com and www.e-mealz.com. For a low monthly subscription, each of these websites will send a week’s worth of healthy and quick menus to you along with a grocery list. E-mealz.com allows you to choose meals that are low-fat, low-carb or from particular grocery stores.

Another fab website is www.hungry-girl.com. This is a free website featuring recipes, a grocery list, and the latest health and nutritional news.

To get more dinner ideas, pick up Food Network host Ellie Krieger’s newest cookbook So Easy. I was lucky enough to see Ellie in action last week when she did a presentation for M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  I had seen her show Easy Appetite on the Food Network several times, and her recipes always feature fresh, flavorful, and healthy food and seem fairly easy to make. I have one of her other cookbooks, and the recipes I’ve made have been pretty simple. In her newest cookbook, Ellie has recipes that can be made quickly — within 30 minutes or less.

During her presentation, she made three great sandwiches — chicken curry salad, turkey Greek pita, and tuna stuffed in orange peppers. Ellie said she roadtested each sandwich recipe by keeping it in a coolpack cooler for five hours to see if the flavors and taste were the same. So not only can you get help with planning dinner, you can get help with planning lunch.

Hopefully, these resources will make the question about “what’s for dinner?” an easier one to answer. Bon appetite!



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  1. Incredible, that’s just what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of searching around