The Holidays are Coming

Posted By on October 25, 2009

Halloween decorations were barely in the stores, and I noticed Christmas decorations were appearing next to the masks of witches and goblins. I wanted to run down the aisles, screaming, “Noooooo! Not yet!”

While you enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving, it is a good idea to make your gift giving list and get a jump start on holiday shopping. I like to use spiral index cards and put a person’s name on each card. Then I write down any ideas I have. I can drop the index cards into my purse and have it with me while shopping.

Since many of us still feel the sting of the recession, it’s perfectly okay to have a talk wtih family members and close friends about you can or can afford this year. A thoughtfully written card or a coupon offering babysitting services and other kinds of help based on your skills and talent will have more meaning in the long run than just more “stuff.” We’re all so busy that a helping hand would be greatly appreciated — which is really what the holidays are about.

Enjoy the holiday season.



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