A Closet Disaster

Posted By on June 26, 2009

I was eating breakfast and drinking coffee this morning when I heard the loud crash. I thought for a moment that something hit my apartment building, but I quickly realized the crash came from my apartment. I opened my closet and was stunned to see a pile of clothes and boxes on the floor. The screws of the shelf/closet rod in my closet had come out of the wall.

I gathered up the clothes and belts and threw them on the bed, in hopes the apartment maintenance guys could come today to fix it. One of my canvas boxes holding non-breakable memorabilia (yes, even organizers have memorabilia) tore, and the plastic clear drawers from The Container Store splintered, sending tiny shards all over my closet floor. After clearing the debris, I had to get ready for work.

The apartment workers were working on broken air-conditioning units, which in 100 plus degree heat is an emergency. My closet can wait. At least for a couple of days.

In the meantime, the pile of clothes are now in the living room so I can sleep in my bed. I’m taking the opportunity to go through them and pull out anything that I no longer want. Everytime you experience a small disaster — a flooded bathroom, a kitchen renovation, a hurricane evacuation, and a closet mishap, take advantage of it. As you’re picking up the pieces, sort and purge before putting it all away. Make a little more room for yourself. Until the closet shelf collapses.



2 Responses to “A Closet Disaster”

  1. janice says:

    Do I need to come over with my tiara and cape? : )

  2. Robin says:

    If only a job loss would motivate a person to clean up her abode! I need a Clutter Princess to rescue me! :)