Get Busy Living

| June 29, 2009

Scott McKain, author of Collapse of Distinction, wrote a beautiful posting on his blog about how the recent spate of iconic celebrity deaths should remind us all to treat each day as a gift. Read Scott’s  post here: What will YOU do with the gift of a day? Michael, Farrah, Ed & Billy will not receive […]

A Closet Disaster

| June 26, 2009

I was eating breakfast and drinking coffee this morning when I heard the loud crash. I thought for a moment that something hit my apartment building, but I quickly realized the crash came from my apartment. I opened my closet and was stunned to see a pile of clothes and boxes on the floor. The […]

Fearless Tossing

| June 12, 2009

As I deleted thousands of e-mails from a client’s inbox, she stood behind me, directing which ones were good to go. She said, “Why can’t I do this without you? You make me less afraid of deleting e-mails.” I’ve come across this with many of my organizing clients. When organizing by themselves, they’re more afraid […]

Can You Really Multi-Task?

| June 9, 2009

Know the saying that someone can’t walk and chew gum at the same time? It’s actually true. Research shows that productivity decreases 20% to 40% every time you “task switch,” i.e. multi-task.  Each time you struggle to do several things at once, it’s no wonder you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Ironically, most job postings […]

Get Inspired!

| June 5, 2009

Okay, so you have a goal — losing weight, saving money, buying a house, or flying to Europe. How do you get inspired to reach your goal? We’re going back to junior high and making collages! Since we’re now mature adults, we don’t do collages of our Hollywood crushes, such as Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, […]