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Posted By on May 5, 2009

I just spent a week in Orlando at the National Association of Professional Organizers, and boy, did I come back with a lot of information, tips, and product ideas! So for the new few weeks, I’m going share those with you!

Imagine 750 plus professional organizers in one room! It’s crazy. Toss in a room of exhibitors with the latest and greatest organizing products and tools. Well, it’s like teen-age girls swarming the Jonas Brothers. Just a few of the new products out there:

  • Organizing guru and Oprah regular Peter Walsh has a new line of office products only available at Office Max. Everything is functional, flexible, and easy to use.
  • will scan your boxes of photos, negatives, slides, and VHS tapes and made them electronic. They can do some photo restoration as well. On their website, you can create photo cards and books out of your favorite pics.
  • is a serve that will scan in your documents so you can have them online. With the service, you can organize, search, share and access your documents. All of the documents are created into PDF’s.
  •, the company that gave us the skinny Neat Receipts, now has Neat Desk. The Neat Desk can scan in receipts, business cards and documents are the same time, and the software recognizes which pieces of paper are which and stores them electronically for you.
  • Join to access over 350 lists to help you plan your life. Need a list for something? Well, they have it. If you need lists to plan menus, go on a trip, spring clean, or planning a party, this is the website for you. Save your brain cells and get a pre-made list.

  Those are just a few of the products at the conference. Watch this space! More information is coming your way.



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  1. Ellen Delap says:

    You are way too modst! You rocked as conference chair Janice! Thanks for making this contribution to our industry! Hugs and happy organizing, Ellen