Doing Yourself a Kindness

| February 23, 2009

What have you done for yourself lately? Done anything nice for yourself? We all deserve a few acts of random kindness from ourselves. Go buy yourself some flowers, take the time to listen to your favorite tunes, paint your toe nails, or take a stroll through a museum or a park. You deserve it. So […]

Keeping the Self-Talk Positive

| February 18, 2009

I was sitting in my hairstylist Robin’s chair on Saturday when her daughter Madison, a spunky blonde fifth-grader, bounced into the salon. Having known her since she was born, Madison is probably one of the happiest kids I know and definitely the most extroverted. She quickly made her rounds with all of us in the […]

Are You a Self-Help Dropout?

| February 13, 2009

Feel like a self-help dropout? You’re not alone. Comedian and writer Chris Hardwick penned a hysterical article about his attempts to improve his productivity. In the article, Hardwick takes three books – Getting Things Done by David Allen; Never Check E-Mail in the Morning by Julie Morgenstern; and The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss […]