An Organizer Carol

Posted By on December 17, 2008

I had great fun the other day coming up with the organizer’s version of popular Christmas carols. Let’s have a little fun this holiday!

Here are my versions:

  • What Pile Is This?
  • Oh Holy Mess (The piles are gently swaying)
  • It Came Upon a Desktop Clear
  • Organizers Are Coming to Town
  • Oh, Come All Ye Organized
  • Over the Clutter and Through the Paper (To an organized house we go)
  • Hark! The Cleared Desks Sing
  • Silent Clutter (Holy Clutter)
  • Oh Little Piles of Papers

And the big finale: The 12 Days of Organizing!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my organizer found my:

  • Twelve years of receipts
  • Eleven unmatched socks
  • Ten tattered magazines
  • Nine old conference bags
  • Eight pencil cups
  • Seven bags to charity
  • Six broken computers
  • Five bottle openers
  • Four sizes of clothes
  • Three fondue pots
  • Two organizing books
  • And one label maker!


2 Responses to “An Organizer Carol”

  1. allison carter says:

    This is hysterical. I will have to file this away for next xmas to laugh again!

  2. Angela Esnouf says:

    Great organising minds think alike! I’ve also written a version of the 12 Days of Christmas. See it at my blog here –